natural stone counters

10 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

natural stone counters

Even the tiniest of kitchens can feel airy and spacious with the right tricks. But beyond white or light cabinetry, walls, and natural stone counters, to which tricks should you turn? Here are 10 ways to balance storage and function – without sacrificing personality…

Which of these Delightful Deceptions will Help You Create a Dream Kitchen Space?

  1. Shallow Cabinets & Countertops
    There’s no rule that says bottom cabinets and countertops must be the standard 24-inch depth. Cabinet options, including those from big box stores, also come in 12 and 15-inch varieties (those used for upper cabinets). Though these will reduce storage slightly, this sleek look is often all it takes to open up a good deal of floor space in tight kitchen spaces.

  2. Sans Hardware
    Though getting clutter off counters is a no-brainer for achieving the illusion of space, you can take this concept a step further with the removal of cabinetry hardware. Paired with cabinetry and countertop edge styles with clean lines, this fuss-free look provides an open, airy feel, as well as prevents you from hardware-related bruising in tiny spaces.

  3. Singleton Sinks
    Skipping the double sink for a single can open up more options for counter space and storage, especially when dealing with stock cabinet lines, which come in limited sizes. Skip the 36-inch double-sink cabinet for a 24-inch cabinet/single sink combo – and you’ll free up a foot of additional space – enough for the addition of a usable cabinet!

  4. Compact Appliances
    ‘Condo-sized’ dishwashers and refrigerators are growing in popularity for those with smaller households (and those who cook rarely), opening up a host of storage opportunities for other household items in the kitchen.

  5. Paneled Appliances
    Can’t contend with compact appliances? Consider panel-ready models, which are devised to hold a cabinet door front for a seamless blend into your kitchen space. Bonus: This more uniform, clean appearance is not an expensive upgrade, yet it adds a luxurious feel.

  6. Mirrored Backsplash
    Adding a mirrored backsplash is ideal in closed-off kitchen spaces, opening up sightlines to enlarge the room. Choose tinted glass options for a more subtle reflection.

  7. Open Shelves
    An ideal means for adding breathing room and preventing ‘boxed-in’ windows, for those that cannot forgo upper cabinets entirely, reduce visual weight while maintaining storage options with open, floating shelves.

  8. Lightened Uppers
    Not open to shelving? Simply remove cabinet doors to create space, or replace solid cabinet doors with clear or frosted glass inserts, easily changing your kitchen look with the display of festive dishware.

  9. Cabinet Lighting
    Lighting plays an essential role in open, airy kitchen design. To prevent shadows from shrinking space, be sure to add lighting not only center-ceiling, but under, above, and even within cabinets for a bigger, brighter kitchen feel.

  10. Backsplash Perspectives
    Think short or tall when adding a backsplash in tight spaces: A short, minimalist backsplash that blends with wall colors; Or a backsplash that climbs to the heights of the ceiling for an understated, elegant centerpiece.


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