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10 Tricks for Maximizing a Small Kitchen Space

Designing a small kitchen space can be challenging. Fortunately, with a few clever tricks you can increase the visual feel of your space, maximizing both space and function…

Go Deep

Consider counter-depth upper cabinets over standard 12-15-inch fare. A row of these wider-profiled wonders can provide a flushed look with your pantry or fridge, offering additional opportunities for the storage of larger, infrequently used items. Pair with a counter-depth refrigerator and cover panels to easily achieve (and maintain) a clean, uncluttered look in your small kitchen space.


Be Shallow

On the flipside, consider how the integration of narrow (or even extra-narrow) cabinet uppers and lowers can help you optimally position key appliances, avoid tight corners, and uphold your kitchen work triangle.


Reach New Levels

Lifting cabinetry higher than standard (about 20-inches) to a height of 24-30-inches above your natural stone countertops can help you feel less boxed-in when preparing meals. While you may need to tuck-away a fold up stool, this visual break can make a world of difference. Look to range-height installations for a cleaner visual landscape.


Make a Big Impact…

With a stunning stone countertop selection. Choose a striking pattern or opt for a bold, bright color, to add visual interest and style. Just because your kitchen is small, doesn’t mean it can’t make a big impact in the design department – and its smaller footprint offers ample opportunity to splurge, given the need for less material costs.


Open Things Up

Open shelves, when neatly stocked, enhance the feeling of space in small kitchen designs, providing storage without blocking sight-lines. Like the idea of open shelves, but don’t want to lose-out on storage space? Boxed-in uppers offer a great compromise.


Squeeze-In More Storage…

With hanging and under-shelf storage solutions, maximizing space and providing handy access to key items. Or integrate additional workspace with a handy, pull-out workstation addition.


Don’t Fear the Dark

Dark colors in a small space are not a complete no-no. When used carefully, such as a small section of dark-hued greige on a back wall behind surrounding white cabinets, the optical illusion created can make your kitchen appear longer and more spacious.


Consider an Open Island Cart

Open-sided island carts have a lighter feel, providing a useable space while upholding an open, airy feel in smaller spaces. Easily moveable, they can be pushed, pulled, and even stored in out-of-the-way locales, or rolled to other areas to do double-duty as a drink cart or buffet station.


Go for a Float

Extend and float an island or peninsula countertop in areas where extending the bottom area of the island with cabinets would prevent setback issues with nearby appliances like the oven or dishwasher.
Contemporary Kitchen by Juliet Murphy Photography


Play Both Sides

If you have a medium-to-large island, take advantage of all sides. Rather than adding single-side storage that creates a deep black hole where items can get lost, use both sides, incorporating shallower cabinetry that offers more useful storage and prevents items from getting buried.


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